Among various memorabilia items related to musician artists, the picks or plecs used by guitar/bass players are so much coveted by fans. Being custom items, picks have printed some brands like band logos, signatures from those who used them, citing only most common examples. Also, usually they are used just for concerts, but rarely sold in stores.

Those characteristics turn picks as unique and rare objects. Thus, both serve to promote the artist as for fans save them as a souvenir from an unforgettable show, or even to have something that belonged to their idol.

For several years I have been collecting picks from rock bands, mainly hard rock and heavy metal. On this page you can see pictures of picks which belong or belonged to my collection. I say belonged because some of them have gone in trades, or as gifts for friends and partner collectors. To those people, lot of thanks for helping increase my collection.

Being you a pick collector or not, want to propose a trade or just talk about picks, just send a message. Also, leave your e-mail address to be informed about updates. TRULY THANKS TO OVER 6,000 VISITORS !!!




UPDATED: 10 / 01 / 2024


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